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Photography contracts......

So you are getting married, or you have a big family reunion coming up and you need a photographer but what does a "contract" mean? Many photographers will tell you that a contract is necessary for larger events and weddings, but why? Well it's very simple, it's to protect you and the photographer. By signing a contract the photographer has agreed they will not book another event that day and should things change for you, most contracts state that "IF" the photographer has the new date available your booking will be moved. Requiring a contract for a family reunion is in your best interest if you are the one needing a photographer otherwise IF someone comes along before your event and needs a wedding photographer (which probably pays more) the photographer may be inclined to book the wedding and not be able to accommodate your family session! Plan ahead, know what you need and "talk" to your photographer. Remember we are not mind readers and we need you to communicate with us throughout the entire process whether it's planning a wedding, family reunion, newborn session or a senior session.

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