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Updated: Mar 9

Some of my favorite photography sessions are with newborns and toddlers, I just love the babies. Kids grow up WAY too fast and the world is changing on a daily basis so being able to capture some lasting images helps their parents relive the times when they were younger and learning from everything! Kids are naturally inquisitive and it's so fun to watch them ponder things, and problem solve. I especially enjoy when you can see the lightbulb come on and they figure something out even if it's as simple as getting a toy to move, or dressing a dolly.

I have spent time with many children over the years and feel blessed to have captured some lasting memories. There is one little girl that captured my heart a year ago when her mama asked me to take some newborn images. I have been capturing her smiling face ever since and we do them every 3 months. She just turned one and they are having a celebration this weekend that I was fortunate enough to be invited to! I am excited to capture some images of Charlee Denise as she plays with her birthday cake, or whatever a one year old does with a birthday cake! I truly enjoy having repeat clients and when I'm asked to be there for their milestones, and get invited to a birthday party where I'm the guest and not a much fun! I can't wait to photograph more milestones as the little one continues to grow and find her way in this world.

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