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Summer 2024!!!!

Finally summer has arrived and with it a very BUSY time for weddings and family sessions. This year I purposely didn't book as many weddings as some years which was difficult for me to say no, but our youngest daughter was due to have her first baby in mid-June. As things often don't go as planned, the baby decided to arrive early on April 30th! After a few weeks in the NICU she is now home and doing well. God Bless those nurses and doctors of the NICU, they are wonderful people, but I digress. We are in full swing for wedding season and so far the ceremonies have been absolutely beautiful with a few indoors and a few outdoors. We also have a lot of family sessions coming up. Whether your kids and grandkids are coming home to visit, or you are planning to vacation in the beautiful Black Hills there are MANY beautiful opportunities for family portraits! We have many waterfalls, beautiful hiking trails and some of the best backdrops ever to have your photos taken so be sure to schedule a session while you're here, we'd love to spend some time with you and show you our little piece of heaven!

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