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One question that I have been asked numerous times over the years is "how many edited images" will I receive? The truth is it varies between weddings and whether or not you select a six hour package or a micro-wedding for two hours and so many other VARIABLES, because no two weddings are the same. Quite a few photographers will deliver several hundred images or maybe a 1000 or more and in all reality only edit 100 of them, that's what I said 100! This practice is WRONG on so many LEVELS and is not what I am about and it's definitely not why you are paying a professional!!!! You don't want to pay someone that picks out 75-100 images to edit because they "think" those are the best images and then they throw in the rest without doing anything to them, but yet are charging you for editing.....WRONG WRONG WRONG.

On average we shoot approximately 150-250 images per hour. Is that set in stone? NO, it's not and it can't be because every wedding is unique and many factors have to be taken into consideration. For example, some families just have "natural eye closers" which make it difficult to find a shot of the bridal party or parents where everyone has their eyes open! FOR THIS REASON ALONE I will often shoot the "group" photos in a rapid succession so that it may be number 5 or 6 of the sequence, but we will get one that is golden! Editing an image means getting rid of face blemishes if someone woke up with a giant pimple the day of the wedding, or you have a teenager in the bridal party that can't control their hormones and had a severe acne break out....I will do my best to get rid of blemishes. One thing I can't control is the wind, so if hair is blowing into someone's face we will often times try to reposition you so that the hair stays out of the face!

We have had weddings where we shot 2000 images, but in rapid succession that means that there were several of the exact same pose so I choose the "best" of the edited images like the one where the bride/groom look primo and then take a look at the others in the photo, after all the wedding couple are the ones paying for the photos so they need to look great! We've also shot weddings where the background is challenging and there are giant power lines visible. I will do my best to get rid of those, or street signs that detract from the image. I try to remove things that you may miss initially when you look at images, but in the long run they would bother you like they do me! I can't make promises as "some" things are not able to be edited out of the image.

If a photographer tells you they edit "every" image, they are either very new to the game or have too much time on their hands! Color correction is something that we do routinely and slight cropping or straightening of an image, but typically it doesn't go beyond that for most images. There are the cream of the crop shots that we go above and beyond to make them exactly what the couple wants. If you have a very short ceremony and then a reception with a dance, keep in mind there are only SO MANY SHOTS of a drunk "Uncle Eddy" that we can take.....

If you have an "idea" of how many images you think you should receive with your selected package, be honest with your photographer so that everyone is on the same page going in and there aren't any grey areas where someone is upset. We are PHOTOGRAPHERS not PSYCHICS and we can't read your mind. In all reality the package price for "my" photography allows more for editing images than the actual wedding day normally because it's a delicate balance.

Our contract includes a list of photographs and we ask you to choose the "must have images" and then make secondary choices on those that you would like to have if we have time. I do not put a specific number of images in the contract as it's all based on individual weddings, and some are large with large families which will naturally result in more images but I do NOT want to give you 10 images of the SAME POSE and no visible changes because that is not what you paid for. Some ceremonies are more intimate and a handful of guests, so there would be slightly less than a HUGE wedding, which hopefully makes sense.

Be up front with your photographer so that everyone is on the same page and things will run a lot smoother when both sides know the expectations!

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