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Updated: Jan 3

Congratulations, you popped the question and now you're engaged!!! Photographers have so many different styles and no two are the same, so here are some questions to consider when you are booking the person that will spend the most time with you on your wedding day, and be all "up in your business", invading your "personal space", and capturing lasting memories.

  1. Do you have an assistant? Having one or two extra photographers is always welcome as you can capture different angles and make sure that nothing gets missed. But what about needing a safety pin, hair spray, a lint brush, hairspray or someone to hold a filter to block out you have this person who is able to help? We normally have three of us at every wedding so that two can be photographing and the other will help with some images, but is there as a "runner" to get things, or find people, etc.

2. Weather.....the weather in the Black Hills can change rapidly, are your photographers equipped to handle it? Snow or rain can leave some photographers baffled in how they handle things, and if they are even able to get the shots that you requested. We have umbrellas for the bridal party, as well as covers for our equipment and are usually checking the weather several times a day prior to your ceremony just so that we are prepared.

3. Do you have extra equipment if something happens and a camera or lens is rendered inoperable? We do have extra cameras and lenses so that if something happens during the day, or just prior to your big day we won't be up a creek without a paddle so to speak.

4. Is your photographer able to take control? Don't be afraid to ask this question as there are plenty of issues that will come up during the day and if the photographer isn't able to take control and move on, it can be sheer disaster. I have only had to gently nudge one lady out of the way at a wedding as she stood up right in the front of me with her cell phone when I needed to get the couple cutting the cake. Turns out it was the groom's aunt and she had been pushy her entire life so the couple thought it was quite humorous when I stepped in front of her and said I'm getting paid to get this shot! I have been a crisis negotiator for 25 years in my FT job and can resolve almost any conflict that arises so you are in good hands.

5. How long will it be for me to see all of my edited images? I cringe when I hear that people who were married 5-6 months ago still do not have their images. Your photographer needs to be up front with you and let you know how long they normally take to edit images and get them back to you. We typically have them ready within 4 weeks. During peak wedding season it may be closer to 6 weeks before you receive them, but being up front with the couple tends to reduce unnecessary stress for ALL involved! You will get your sneak peek, typically somewhere between 12-15 images, within 24 hours of your wedding ceremony.

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