How to choose a Wedding Photographer

Four things to consider when hiring a wedding photographer & why we hope you choose us!!!

1. Do you need to hire a professional photographer 

Do you need a photographer?  No, but do you want to look back at your images and be glad that you hired a professional photographer, or are you alright with Uncle Joe taking the photos and missing some of the must-have moments?  Having a dedicated photographer allows friends and family to relax, put their phones down, and know that these moments are being recorded in a way to be cherished for years. 

There are several factors to consider when you are looking for a wedding photographer, such as image quality, reliability, knowing that your photographer knows when and where to be taking photos, back up equipment (do they have one camera or several, we travel with extra equipment just in case), back up photographers (we always shoot with two-photographers and have others available), artistic ability, and editing ability.   Ask them what they have in their "toolbox" and how they use those tools to make your day unforgettable!!

Technical photography skills are a must!  Anyone can point and shoot  in a controlled lighting environment, but what happens when the sun goes down? Or you need to move inside because of rain?   The Bride and Groom want all the lights off for their first dance?   All of these factors come into play when making this decision, so be picky!!

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2. The work

The most important factor for hiring a photographer is their STYLE!  I have told many couples to look through our website and make sure they like our style. The edited images produced are not going to be changed just for "your" wedding, so if you don’t like their work, why on earth would you hire them?  Be choosy in this department!!  Ask to see complete real weddings where they captured the moments as they happened, not models as it's much easier to pose models for the perfect photograph than it is to capture a couple in love with just a sliver of daylight left.....A GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER CAN DO BOTH!!  Be careful in hiring a family friend, many relationships have been ruined because expectations were not met, and key images were missed.

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3. The Person

Pick someone that you feel comfortable with because over the course of the day you are going to laugh, cry, stress out, get your dress on, scream at someone (it's inevitable), become overwhelmed and dance like nobody is watching!  Find someone that you feel comfortable with so that sharing those intimate moments feels natural not awkward. (Spoiler alert - we like to have fun, we carry lots of tissues, and work well with everyone so we are the perfect choice!)

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4. Collections & Pricing

The reality of any wedding is what fits into the budget, and we understand that, but with photography....you truly ge what you pay for!  Some brides spend $5,000-$10,000 on a dress that will be worn once, and skimp on a photographer but what you need to remember is, these photographs will be around for a lifetime and looking at them you can relive your day over and over again!  A lot of the cost involved has to do with editing time, for instance the night before the groom develops a pimple on his cheek, do you want that removed or do you want to look at it every time you stroll down memory lane? When you’re looking over packages and pricing, ASK your photographer about the items included in the packages and why.  For me, I include engagements and a second shooter in my full packages for very important reasons (ASK ME WHY). The way they explain this should help you get a good idea of what you need in your package.  If they can't explain it, RUN!!!!  A good photographer has thought about their pricing and knows what is important.

Questions, call Linda at 307-231-0462